About Us

Mile Investments is an independent company that represents and has an agreement to distribute and export all products manufactured by Golden Fruit SA.

Golden Fruit SA is currently situated in South Africa, Hekpoort Gauteng and is involved with the manufacturing and sale of drink products such as 100% fruit juices, mineral water, reverse osmosis (R.O) water and energy drinks.

The companies were founded 14 years ago with the purpose and intent of offering a wide array of quality, reliable products and services related to PET recyclable plastics as well as a healthy, delicious, 100% pure fruit juice with no added sugar and no preservatives, that has a long sustained unrefrigerated shelf life while sealed for up to one year.

Originating in Botswana, Golden Fruit was the first local manufacturer of 100% pure fruit juices in the country providing us with plenty of additional knowledge and experience in our field. Golden Fruit in turn has been there providing the unique plastic bottles and cans for our juices as well as supplying numerous drink producers and chains.

We branched out to South Africa 7 year ago as the number of our customers continued to increase and there was unexplored potential to fulfill a demand for the type of products we offer.

As a company, we are continuously striving towards quality as well as affordability. We therefore assure you of the most affordable pricing, coupled with excellent quality in our field of business.